Supporting and advocating

for optimal treatment of

Primary Immunodeficiency

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We are here to help


Give support to patients and
their families


Create awareness of the condition in both the medical and wider community through a vibrant and active advocacy programme


Supply information to patients, their
families and the medical community


Do fundraising to ensure the
sustainability of PiNSA


Support lobbying of all stakeholders including government, suppliers and
medical aids


Facilitate treatment training by
immunology nurses

Have you been diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency?

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Anyone diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency in South Africa is encouraged to join PiNSA and enjoy the support not only from each other through PiNSA_Link, but also this website.

Healthcare Professionals including nurses, partner NMO’s and our product partners are also welcome to register and thus access the Member Portal using the e-mail address below.

For any queries or to join PiNSA please e-mail

Latest News

Latest News

PiNSA AGM 2023

The PiNSA AGM was held on Saturday 24 June and the Minutes will be published shortly for the members subscribed to PiNSA_Link, our primary communication platform. Our new website was officially launched at the AGM and very well received, especially the Members Portal; to quote Professor Esser of our Medical Advisory Panel “Wonderful website and…

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