Patient Toolkits

Below is a list of credible organisational resource links which we hope you will find useful.

  1. PiNSA – Primary Immunodeficiency Network of South Africa

Our voluntary association was founded in 2001 and provides support and information to patients and families. We have a website, as well as a Twitter and Linked In profile and a Facebook community group open to the public.



Linked In:

Facebook Community:

  1. IDF – Immune Deficiency Foundation

The IDF is based in the United States and has a strong following of over 5000 members. The website has a lot of resources including the Patient and Family Handbook, this is highly recommended!

  1. JMF – Jeffrey Modell Foundation

The JMF was established in 1987 by Fred and Vicki Modell in memory of their son Jeffrey, who died at the age of fifteen, from complications of Primary Immunodeficiency (PID).  JMF is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to early diagnosis, meaningful treatments and, ultimately, cures through research, physician education, public awareness, advocacy, patient support and newborn screening. Their new website is a village and has some wonderful information on it.

  1. IPOPI – International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies

PiNSA has been a member of IPOPI since our inception as it is IPOPI that provided our seed funding and support. IPOPI has a bi-annual conference in Europe in conjunction with ESID (doctors) and INGID (nurses). Publications include those listed below and more…

  1. Useful industry links below