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to the website of the Primary Immunodeficiency Network of South Africa.

Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) is an inherited or genetic set of diseases that, because they can present themselves as a common infection, often go undiagnosed. There are over 200 types of PID. It is for this reason that this association was formed as one of its functions is to create awareness.


PID is not AIDS, although both disorders affect the immune system; it is an inherited or genetic condition, i.e. passed down from one or both parents and it is therefore not infectious.


The other main function of the association is to support those with the condition through information and counselling. Although primarily a patient/family group, there is a medical advisory panel doctor who is able to answer questions.

The links on this site are particularly useful as they take you to the main international organisations that deal with primary immunodeficiencies.


 Click here for our flyer, it explains PID and most importantly has our SPUR poster


Our new giraffe mascot who (Gaby or Gordon depending) goes into all the newly diagnosed patient toolkits

Fund Number 028- 020 NPO (Non Profit Organisation)

Latest News
08. 05. 2014.

IPOPI Press release

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08. 05. 2014.

Latest newsletter is out! Check under Publications…

April 2014 Newsletter is outread more »

23. 04. 2014.

World PI week

World PI (Primary Immunodeficiency) Week happened 22-29 April and PINSA  hosted two Parent/Patient meeting, one in the Westernread more »

20. 02. 2014.

Rare Disease Day 2014

Celebrated every year on 22–29 April and through the organization of many events in the world, World PI Week brings togetherread more »

17. 08. 2012.

Our website hosted by IPOPI

Thanks to IPOPI the National Member Organisations now have a website template. PiNSA has used it and we will be populating theread more »


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